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Why Dreamland?

Dreamland has been serving the bay area customers for over 10 years. We specialize in the Firm Mattresses. Our research shows that many people who come to the US from Asia prefer to sleep on an Asian style firm mattress, but they are unable to find a quality firm mattress in the local mattress stores. Most American style mattresses are way too soft, even those labeled as "extra firm." We know the importance of a good night's sleep after an intensive work day, so we specially designed our mattresses to address this issue.

We have recently acquired Princess Mattress and have added several new products to our inventory. You can find a catalog of all of our current products below.

Our Firmness Index

We understand that people prefer different types of mattresses, Americans generally love soft mattresses providing basic support that embrace their body when sleeping, while Asians usually prefer extra Firm Mattresses that feels like wood board. Because many people from Asia grew up sleeping on beds with solid surfaces, some of them would actually get back pains after sleeping on soft mattresses for an extended period. In order to compare the firmness of different mattresses, we developed our Mattress Firmness Index.

We define the firmness of mattresses to be from 1 to 10 with 1 represents the feeling of sleeping on a mattress that is composed 100% of foam, and 10 represents the feeling of sleeping on a wood board flat bed. Many of the spring mattresses found in American stores are indexed around 4-5 on this scale, while most of our mattresses are indexed above 7 (All measurements are based on feedbacks from our previous customers).

Firmness comparisons:

Model Firmness Index
Ruby Extra Firm 8.5
Hotstone Firm 9
Jade Firm 7
Cloud-1 Extra Firm 8.5
Cloud-2 Firm 7
Coconut Extra Firm Plus 10
CocoSpring Extra Firm Plus 9.5
Sofia Firm 7
Anna Firm 7.5

Our Products Come in 3 Different Flavours


This category is for someone who prefers mattresses that are just a bit more firm than those found in American Stores. Mattresses in this category are: Jade, Cloud-2, Sofia, and Anna.

Extra Firm

The extra firm category include Hotstone, Ruby, Cloud-1, and Diana. Most of our customers prefer this level of firmness.

Extra Firm Plus

This category incloude Coconut, CocoSpring, and Victoria.Some of our extra firm plus contain coconut fiber, and are comparable in firmness to the wood board beds typically found in China


Within one year of the purchase date, the seller offers a free exchange service if the mattress spring or sponge collapses due to qaulity issues, but the buyer should bear $50 in shipping and labor costs. After one year , the seller provides a repair service for 30% of the purchase price in addition to the $50 for shipping and labor costs. The warranty period is 25-30 years, depending on model. The coverage period for each mattress is clearly marked on the label.

Our Services

Delivery Service

We provide free deliveries for any destination in the Bay Area. For locations outside the Bay Area, we will charge a delivery fee.

Delivery Schedule

Mondays to Fridays 10:30am-3:30pm. There is no delivery service on weekends.

Other Services

We can also dispose of your old mattresses and box-springs. We charge $55 per item, regardless of size.

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